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Who We Are

Global Education is a 1-on-1 online multi-function interactive English learning platform, which allows you to help Chinese business professionals and individual travelers improve their English language from the comfort of your home. We offer English language training to the corporates, hotel and restaurant staff, and touring guides, to help them improve their English language proficiency. Our online courses are ESL, business English BEC certificate prep courses, targeting for the adult learners.


What We Believe

Our mission is to encourage our adult students to improve their English proficiency, to inspire their curiosity of lifelong learning. Education and life go hand in hand. Every time they do something, they have an opportunity to learn something. Every time they learn something, they grow more into who they want to be. Teachers and students will become happier and live more abundantly and passionately, which is what life should be about.

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What We Do

Our e-learning system is equivalent to a micro-school with all advanced online interactive functions, such as audio and video multimedia, online practice tools, problem submission and answering system. We provide students with 7 days a week independent online learning value-added-service. Besides 1-on-1 tutoring, our students can login the system backend to practice English as long as the internet can be connected. Our system supports any browsing screen; our students can receive online training anywhere to enjoy all course resources.

Why Join Us


Enjoy Flexibility

Work from home or anywhere else that you wish. Set your own schedule and work as few or as many hours as you want.


Skip Lesson Plans and Grading

We provide the lesson plans and communication with the students. You just need a laptop, passion and skills for teaching.


Have Fun

Teach in an online platform of Chinese students from 100 cities.

– What to Teach? –

ESL English

Our ESL English courses use the textbooks of New Headway Oxford. The series of courses target for Chinese students at the age of 17 and above, covering all English levels, from beginner, to elementary, intermediate, and advanced.

Business English

Our business English courses assist the Chinese professionals online, help them to improve their business communication skills and English language proficiency. Business English Certificate (BEC) preparing courses, Practice of Spoken Business English, Business English Correspondence Writing.

Spoken English

Our practical spoken English courses target for Chinese professionals, touring guides, hotel staff and tourists to enhance their career opportunities. We place emphasis on training their communication skills to inspire their confidence and fluency in real life business situations.

Requirements :

We are looking for individual contractors and freelancers with:

  1. Desktop or Laptop PC or Mac.
  2. Working video camera and headset preferably with noise cancelling features.
  3. Wired internet connection (DSL/Cable/Fiber) with a minimum speed of 10Mbps.
  4. A quiet, well-lit work space at home with a plain white background and no visible furniture or other paraphernalia.
  5. Available to teach at least 4 hours per week based on the available schedules:

work laptop
online study

Qualifications :

  1. Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree from a reputable college or university with at least one year of working experience (teaching experience or other professional fields).
  2. Good written and strong verbal competencies in English;
  3. Above average computer knowledge and skillful to Skype, comfortable in online environments;
  4. Overseas work or study-abroad experience, management experience, availability on weekends, Knowledgeable in business English and English grammar.
  5. Neutral accent, excellent communication skills

Responsibilities :

  • Punctual with high sense of responsibility;
  • Independent work with less supervision;
  • Teach the Chinese students on how to speak in English fluently.
  • Able to identify students’ needs
  • Monitor and evaluate student’s progress (Daily and Monthly evaluation)
  • Committed to follow the chosen schedule
  • Willing to participate in organized training.

Earn 14 to 20 US$ per hour.
All rates are subject to withholding tax.

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What our teachers are saying…

The Education Department is very quick to resolve any concerns or answer questions. They really listen to their teachers! I love being a part of the company… .

Sam Lee, Online English Teacher Home Based, since November 2017

FAQ – Online English Teacher Home Based

What are the positions available?

We are always looking for highly-motivated home-based Business English Trainers to meet the rapid growth of our business. As for other non-teaching positions, they are generally offered to our trainers. This goes for all departments, including HR, Quality Control, Operations, Product Development, Recruitment, etc. So, it all starts from the trainer position.

Do I need to have any teaching experience?

Teaching experience is not required. Some of our best trainers started with very little or no teaching experience. Passion and a strong work ethic are far more important than teaching experience. Having said that, it certainly helps to have some teaching experience.

What are your Internet and workstation requirements?

We require a quiet, well-lit work space at home, free from any distractions that may undermine the quality of lessons delivered. We also require a plain white background, with no visible furniture or other paraphernalia that can be a source of distraction to the learner.

All our trainers use desktop or laptop PCs or Macs (no phones or tablets). These must be equipped with the latest full version of Skype for Desktop/classic Skype, NOT the pre-installed Skype for Windows 10.

We require a working webcam and headset with mic, preferably with noise cancellation if you are in a noisy environment. Earbuds are NOT allowed.

A WIRED Internet connection (DSL, Cable, or Fiber) with a minimum speed of 10Mbps download and 0.5 upload or higher is required prior to your application. Your PC or Mac must be physically attached to a DSL/LAN cable, not via Wi-Fi connection. Wireless, satellite, or cellular/LTE Internet will NOT be accepted.

Finally, all our teaching demos and training sessions must replicate the same overall quality that is required in real lessons. Thus, all interviews and mentoring sessions must be done at the place where you plan to work.

Can I apply for a DSL line after I get hired?

No. All applicants are required to have the proper Internet and workstation requirements before the interview. Unstable connection is one of our greatest concerns for this position and one of the main reasons that applicants do not pass our hiring process. Please show us that you meet this requirement right from the start.

What should I wear during the Interview?

Business attire. Please treat this interview as if you were having it in an actual office.

What should I teach on my Demo?

During the preparation stage, you will be given a sample lesson plan which you must study beforehand.

Please follow all the instructions given. Please note that failure to watch the videos, read the materials, and listen to the audio sample will lead to an automatic forfeiture of your interview.

Are lesson modules provided for?

Yes. Our trainers use Global Education’s original materials. So there’s no need to spend hours creating your own lesson plans. Nevertheless, you are free to explore and be creative to make your classes interesting for students, as long as it is in conjunction with the lesson module.

How do I contact the student?

Here at Global Education, we use Skype as the only means to contact our students so please be familiar with the main features of Skype.

How can I get regular bookings?

The objective is to “wow” your students. Once they are impressed, there’s a big possibility that they will become your regulars. Our students are people, regular people. Connect with them on a personal level, show them that you are here to help them, and teach them something of value, and they will certainly book you again.

Where can I get help during classes?

We employ real-time support for our trainers during class hours. Should you have any concerns during and about the lesson, our Admin Support team will be more than willing to help out.

Do you accept global application for the teaching position?

Yes, we hire Business English trainers from anywhere in the world, provided certain conditions are met.

Non-Filipino citizens living in the Philippines are required to have the following:

A Tax Identification Number provided by BIR
A BPI account (not BPI Family) under their own name

A government issued ID, specifically an updated Alien Certificate of Registration or ACR I-Card with the visa category of Permanent Resident with a 13-A non restricted visa [Permanent Resident Visa]

Non-Filipino citizens living abroad or Filipino citizens with a resident status abroad are required to have the following:

A verified PayPal account linked to a foreign bank and using a foreign currency (*Please note that PayPal has governing laws unique to each country)

Proof of foreign residence (a government issued ID with their address is best)
Knowledge of the basic tax requirement for those residing abroad who get income from Philippine sources (final withholding tax rate 25% of gross income –

Finally, please check whether your country has a no-double-taxation treaty with the Philippines, as you will be receiving tax-deducted pay from us. You may still have to remit taxes to your own government, depending on the existence/non-existence of such aforementioned treaty.

What is the teaching schedule ?

Our current teaching schedule is as follows:
Weekdays: 4am-9am and 5pm-12mn for NEW trainers
Weekends and Chinese holidays: 4am-12mn for ALL trainers
You may choose the number of hours you wish to teach from the given schedule as long as you meet the required minimum number of 4 hours per week.

What are your payout options?

For applicants living in the Philippines: a BPI account (not BPI Family) under your own name is required. You may open either a regular BPI savings account or an Easy Saver Account (also known as Kaya Account).
For applicants living overseas: a verified PayPal account under your own name and linked to a bank in the country you are residing in is required.

Do you have any openings for office-based trainers?

No. We currently do not offer office-based teaching. All our trainers are home-based.

When does a referral count?

A valid referral is when an active Trainer becomes instrumental in the hiring of an applicant. This means providing support to the applicant while still in the application process (e.g. informing them about technical and career qualifications, explaining the hiring process, giving interviewing tips, answering queries about income/SOPs). Therefore, by writing an active trainer’s name in the referral field, the applicant acknowledges assistance received from said trainer.
* Applicants who do not apply via our website will not be processed.

Once I have submitted my application, am I guaranteed an interview?

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Do I need to apply for jobs on my behalf?

You will need to apply directly to the positions that interest you. All applications must come through the Global Education website and your teacher account in a professional manner.

What degree is required? Am I eligible to apply?

Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree from a reputable college or university with at least one year of working experience (teaching experience or other professional fields).

What is a teaching license? Is it required?

Teaching license is not required for online tutoring, but certainly a plus if you have.
Depending on where you qualified as a teacher, a teaching license might be alternatively known as a teaching certification, qualification or credential. A teaching license refers to the teaching credential that is needed to allow you to legally work as a teacher with a given area (in countries abroad as as well as your home state, province or country).

I am not a native English speaker, but I speak English fluently. Am I still eligible to apply?

Absolutely! If you are a fluent English speaker, and meet the relevant job requirements, we welcome you to apply. English does not have to be your first language, but all our courses will require native proficiency in the English language

When should I apply for positions with Global Education?

Any time! Global Educatin recruits for teaching positions year round. The application process also allows you to indicate when you are available to begin a teaching job abroad.

How does the process work?

You will be able to apply directly for jobs by simply clicking the “Apply” button. Once you’ve submitted a job application, it’s over to our Placement Coordinators to review your application! They will then contact you if you are being considered for an initial interview around 3 – 4 days later. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive, we can only reply to candidates who are being considered to move forward. You can check the status of your application at any point in the application process by clicking the “My Jobs” tab in your teacher dashboard.

Does Global Eudcation placement service cost anything for teachers? Do I have to pay a fee to set up a profile?

Absolutely not! We’re 100% committed to providing a free recruitment service for our teachers.

I forgot my username and/or password, how do I retrieve it?

This one’s easy peasy! If you have forgotten your password, simply request a replacement password through the password reset page. All you have to do is enter your email address and follow the instructions.

What does it mean if my application is “closed”?

A “closed” posting could mean one of the following:
The position has been filled.
There’s already a selection of candidates moving forward in the application process.
You didn’t meet the qualifications for the position.
The position has been removed at the discretion of the employer.

Will local taxes be deducted from my paycheck?

Each country has very specific laws governing how foreign workers are taxed. In most countries, local taxes will be deducted from your paycheck and then at the conclusion of your employment, a percentage of your taxes will be refunded to you. The percentage of taxes returned varies widely depending on the country where you are working.

Will I receive any paid vacation or holiday time?

The part time position is calculated as hourly pay. There are paid vacation only for our full time staff.

What happens if I get sick and am not able to come to work? Will I get paid for sick days?

You will need to let us know as soon as possible that you are not able to work.
There is no pay for sick leave. But we can help you change to another working time.

How do I apply?

Hopefully, you now have a clearer understanding of our online teaching requirements. If you like, please click the APPLY NOW button at the bottom of the page to submit your resume and recent six months photos. Good luck and happy job hunting!

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