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Introduction to Global Education

Global education aims at Chinese audiences and helps students of all ages improve their English language proficiency. Our English courses include basic English, business English, tourism English, IELTS Test prep and TOEFL Test Prep courses. There are five categories of Global education blog: international travel study and summer programs, Working Adults – English Self-learners, application of science and technology in teaching, educational topics Q & A, reviews to curriculum, courses and schools. Our blogs are for Chinese audience, parents, teachers, students and adult self-learners. Our mission is to help Chinese users improve their language learning, enhance their skills, and thrive in their future study, career and life. Global education is an educational brand invested by Pioneer Media. LLC, and its registered address is in Wyoming, USA.

Website Developer and Chief Editor

The website development and contents of Global Education are completed by Mr. Sheng. Mr. Sheng is based in Shanghai, China, specializing in website design, contents creation, search engine optimization and social media optimization. He has been engaged in BEC business English Teaching in a Shanghai University and general manager of Heyday Enterprise (Hong Kong) Ltd. for ten years. Read his personal homepage for more details.


Courses- Programs- Classes

  • English course online tutorials 55%
  • English Coaching Online 1-to-1 live tutoring 25%
  • Offline English Classes | Summer Programs 15%
  • Offline Social Impact Activities| Travel Study 5% category
2. English courses category

English Courses Programs Category

  • English as Second Language at Basic level for Chinese Beginners 20%
  • English in business situations, International communication, BEC Certificate Programs 40%
  • English in Travel situations, Hotels, Restaurants, Touring Guides, Business Travel 30%
  • IELTS Test Prep Courses to improve the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills 6%
  • TOEFL Test Prep Courses to improve the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills 4%

Global Education Blog Category

  • International study. Study tour. Summer programs
  • Working Adults – English Self-learners
  • Application of science and technology in Teaching
  • Educational topics -Questions and Answers
  • Reviews to Curriculum| Courses | Schools

3.Blog category
4.audience category

Global Education Target Audience

  • Chinese Parents 40%
  • Working Adult – Self-learners 25%
  • High School Students 20%
  • Digital Marketers 10%
  • Teachers and School Administrators 5%

Global Audiences Percentage

  • Mainland China 60%
  • US 4%
  • Australia 4%
  • UK 4%
  • Canada 4%
  • Hong Kong 5%
  • Singapore 4%
  • Thailand 3%
  • Japan 4%
  • Taiwan 2%
  • Others 10%

5. audience source location
6.sources of Chinese social medias

Blog Percentage Shared on Chinese Social Medias

  • 50%
  • Wechat 10%
  • Baidu 10%
  • 10%
  • 5%
  • Bili Bili 5%
  • Others 10%

Please consider our sponsorship opportunities and become our media partner. Click to read Ads Plan and Prices.

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Rewards for Media Partner and Sponsor

1. Global Education is equipped with shopping cart, online payment system. We help you reach your potential China market, no matter what your English courses and programs are, such as, online video tutorials, online 1-to-1 coaching, or offline English training classes.
2. Our sponsors will have a highlight exposure at top ranking, when you use the global education blog platform to post your articles and videos, which will draw more readers’ attention, traffic flow, enrollment and courses booking. There is embedded form submission to help you collect some potential users.
3. Global Education platform sets up Hotjar tracking system at the backend, which can provide data tracks for us to help the sponsors to analyze how the readers and users read your posts and reacts to your custom pages on our site.
4. Global Education platform has functions of documents downloading, slides show, audio/video tutorials storage. We help you solve the technical issues to display your videos smoothly in China. So that you can save your time to focus on your business.
5. Global education staff provide video editing and Chinese voice services; we also help you translate English contents to Chinese language. Our platform provides the China server to help you storage videos, Chinese subscription, reservation form. So the quick video display is guaranteed.
6. Global Education platform provides sponsors ads banner linked to your website or China social medias. The post ranking of the paid sponsor is in the front list. Our system pushes your list as the top priority.
7. Global education website provides CRM customer management system. We shall be able to provide you SEO reports after six months continuous tracking at the backend.


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