Chapter Five: The Underground Home

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Chapter Five: The Underground Home

The Underground Home is a secret place. No one knows where it is. It is a happy, warm place. There is only one room with a big fireplace. 壁炉Tinker Bell has her tiny 极小的room too.
Wendy is a perfect mother. She cooks and sews for everyone. She also tells beautiful bedtime stories. The Lost Boys are happy because they finally have a mother. John and Michael are happy because there is a new adventure 奇遇every day.

Peter Pan is a perfect father. He brings home food and protects the family. Wendy and Peter play with the children and laugh with them.

But one night something happens. Wendy tells the children this bedtime story:
“In the big city of London there are two parents. They are very sad because they cannot find their three children. Every night they leave the nursery window open. They wait and wait for their children to return. But they don’t return. Poor parents! They are very sad without their children.”

“Oh, Wendy, this is the story of our parents,”says John.

“Yes, it is,” says Michael.

Peter listens and says, “Sometimes parents forget their children and other children take their place .” 取代他们Wendy is very surprised. “Oh, no!” she says! “Perhaps there are other children in our beds! John, Michael we must go home!”

“Do we really have to?” ask John and Michael.

“Yes, we’ve got to我们必须 return home.”

The Lost Boys are sad and say, “Oh, Wendy, please don’t leave us!” “Don’t be sad. You can come and live with us in London,” says Wendy. “Oh, how wonderful!” the Lost Boys say. “We can have a real family.”

They jump up and down with joy. They dance around the room.

But Peter is not happy. He is very serious and says, “I’m not coming with you to London. I don’t want to grow up. I want to be a boy forever.”

Everyone says goodbye to Peter.

Outside, the pirates are waiting for them! The children come out of the underground home and the pirates capture 捕获 them, Then they take them to the Jolly Roger. They don’t make any noise. Peter doesn’t know where they are.

He is sad without Wendy, lohu, Michael and the Lost Boys. He sits and thinks.
“Tap, tap, tap!” 轻敲的声音 There is someone at the door. “Who is it?” asks Peter.

He can hear the sound of little bells and opens the door.

Tinker Bell flies in and says, “The pirates have got Wendy, John, Michael and the Lost Boys!
They are in danger. 有危险Let’s help them.”

“I must save them. Come Tink, let’s go to the folly Roger! This time I must attack Hook!”

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