Track 3: Chapter Three Listening Activity 3

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Track 3: Chapter Three

Listening Activity 3

Listen to part of the story again and fill in the missing words.

Soon some Indians in the forest. They are looking for the _________ . The pirates are their_________, Tiger Lily is leader. She is the daughter of the Indian chief.首领 She _____________Peter Pan. Tinker Bell and Wendy love him___________. The Indians go and the Lost Boys return to ___________ in the forest.

Listen to the the interview between Captain Hook and John. Then tick√ the correct answer.

1. Some pirates are
A.□friendly B.□cruel C.□kind

2. Pirates live
A.□on a ship B.□in a castle C.□in a forest

3.Corsairs, rovers and buccaneers are other names for
A.□clothes B.□fish C.□pirates

4.A pirate’s flag is usually
A.□black B.□red C.□green

5. A pirate’s life on a ship is
A.□fun B.□difficult C.□easy

6. Most pirates don’t
A.□wear trousers B.□drink water C.□wear shoes

7.John wants to know more about pirates. He asks Captain Hook these questions:
John: Who are pirates?
Hook: A lot of pirates are men but some pirates are women. Some pirates are cruel.
John: What do they do?
Hook: Pirates attack ships at sea. They take the treasure of the ship. Sometimes they kill the crew! 全体工作人员
John: Oh! Where do they live?
Hook: They live on ships and on small islands.
John: Are there other names for pirates?
Hook: Yes, of course! Buccaneers, corsairs, rovers and filibusters.
John: Have pirates ships got flags?
Hook: Yes! A pirate’s flag is usually black with a white skull on it. It’s called “The Jolly Roger “.
John: Tell me about a pirate’s life on a ship.
Hook: It’s very difficult. The food is bad and there isn’t much water to drink. A pirate must always obey his captain.
John: What does a pirate eat?
Hook: He eats dry biscuits, eggs, turtles, fish and salted meat.
John: Are some pirates famous?
Hook: Oh, yes! Some pirates are very famous. They include Herry Morgan, Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, the Barbarossa Brothers and Black Bart!
John: Do pirates have a treasure chest?
Hook: Yes, they do. There are jewels, diamonds, gold, money and other precious things in the treasure chest.
John: What does a pirate wear?
Hook: A pirate captain wears beautiful clothes and a big hat. His clothes are colourful. Some captains wear jewels. The other pirates wear simple clothes: dark jackets, cotton shirts and comfortable trousers. Most pirates don’t wear shoes!
John: How do pirates fight?
Hook: They fight with a sword and a pistol.
John: Oh! A pirate’s life is exciting!

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