Track 4: Chapter Six Listening Activity 3

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Track 4: Chapter Six

Listening Activity 3

Listen to Wendy’s letter twice and fill in the gaps. Then answer the questions. Match the numbers with the letters.

Dear Mother and Father,
We are _______________ of Captain Hook. We are on his big pirate _________. There are twenty pirates. It is very _________ at night. John is brave, but Michael is ____________. We’re very scared because we must____________ the plank at_____________. There’s a big ____________ waiting for us in the water!
John, Michael and I love you very _______________.
Your daughter, Wendy

1.Wendy and the children are prisoners of___________ .

2.The pirate ship is_____________ .

3.There are _______________pirates.

4.It is very _____________at night.

5.John is___________________ .

6.Michael is _________________.

7.The children must walk the plank at _______________.

8.There is a big crocodile in the _______________.

Who are fairies? Some people say that:
C.Captain Hook

●fairies are little people with wings
●they live in the forest, in trees, in flowers and in gardens
●there are good and bad fairies
●fairies are magic
●they can do good things and bad things

Fairies are part of the British, Irish, northern European, Scandinavian and old Celtic cultures.

There are many stories about fairies. Some are called fairy tales.

In Peter Pan Tinker Bell is Peter’s fairy. The fairies of Neverland are Peter’s friends. In Pinocchio there is a kind fairy called the Blue Fairy. She always helps Pinocchio. In Cinderella a fairy godmother is Cinderella’s good friend.

There are fairies in one of William Shakespeare’s plays too.

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream Oberon and Titania are the king and queen of the fairies.
American and British children believe in the tooth fairy.

When a child’s tooth falls out he / she puts it under the pillow 枕头and goes to sleep. During the night the tooth fairy takes the tooth and puts money or sweets under the pillow. The next morning the child finds the surprise and is very happy.

Dr W Evans-Wentz is an expert 专家 of Celtic myths. 神话 He says, “Fairies exist but they are invisible.” 看不见的. What do you think? What do your classmates think?

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