Chapter Six: The Crime

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Chapter Six: The Crime

One rainy night Fagin went to see Bill Sikes. “I want to talk about that big house outside London. There are many precious① things to steal! It’s perfect for us!” He was very excited.
“Yes, it’s a very rich house,” said Sikes. “But it will be difficult. The house is completely closed at night. There’s one small window at the back. It’s easy to open, but only a small boy can enter.” “Oliver is the boy for you, Sikes,” said Fagin. “He must start working for his bread.”
The next morning Oliver found a new pair of shoes near his bed. He was very happy.

“Tonight you must go to see Bill Sikes,” said Fagin. “Why?” asked Oliver.

“Sikes can tell you. Be careful, Oliver, he’s a cruel man. Do what he tells you,” Fagin said.
Oliver was afraid. He prayed② God to help him.

Nancy came and took Oliver to Sikes. “Be good and quiet. Give me your hand,” she said.
When Sikes saw Oliver he put a pistol to his head. “Do what I say or I’ll shoot you! Do you hear me?” Oliver heard him and was terrified③. He didn’t say a word.
“Now come with me!” said Sikes.

Sikes and Oliver walked together in the cold fog. After some time they arrived in the country. They met another thief called Toby Crackit.
① precious:宝贵的。
② prayed:祈祷。
③ terrified:很害怕的。

Oliver walked between the two thieves. Soon they climbed a wall and saw a big country house. The night was cold and foggy①.

When Oliver saw the country house he understood their terrible plan. He fell to his knees and said, “Please let me go!I don’t want to steal!I prefer to die here.”

Toby Crackit put his hand over Oliver’s mouth. Sikes opened the small window at the back of the house. Then he put a pistol to Oliver’s head and whispered②, “Listen! Go in through this small window. Then go to the front door. Open it and we will enter the house. Remember, I’m watching you and I have a pistol!”

Oliver went in through the window. He wanted to warn③ the family, so he started going up the stairs.

Sikes cried, “Come back!” Suddenly there was a light. Oliver saw two men at the top of the stairs. There was a loud④ noise, a light and some smoke from a pistol. Oliver felt a terrible pain! He was terrified and ran back to the small window.

Sikes put his arm through the window. He pulled Oliver quickly through the window.

“Oliver is hurt,” said Sikes. “Look at the blood!” He carried Oliver to the garden wall. Oliver was very cold, and then he saw and heard no more.

“Hurry!” said Toby Crackit. “The men and their dogs are following us!” Sikes left Oliver at the garden wall. He ran away with Toby Crackit. Two men and their dogs followed them. They were servants of the country house.

“Do you see anyone, Giles?” asked Mr Brittles. “It’s too dark. I can’t see anything,” said Mr Giles. The two men returned to the country house. They didn’t see Oliver’s body.
Oliver stayed on the cold wet ground all night.

① foggy:多雾的。
② whispered:小声说。
③ warn:提醒。
④ loud:喧闹的。

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