Chapter Two: Mr Sowerberry’s Shop

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Oliver Twist

Chapter Two: Mr Sowerberry’s Shop

“Here is the boy,” said Mr Bumble.
Mr Sowerberry looked at Oliver. Then he called his wife. “This boy is very small,” she said.

“Yes, he is small,” said Mr Bumble, “but children grow!”

“Children cost a lot of money,” said Mrs Sowerberry. She looked at Oliver and said, “The dog isn’t here tonight so you can eat his food. Here are some cold pieces of meat.”
Oliver ate the dog’s food quickly.

“Come with me,” she said. “Your bed is in the shop. You can sleep here with the coffins. Good night.”

There were a lot of coffins in the shop. Oliver was very sad and afraid that night. He was alone in a strange place. He was all alone in the world. He didn’t have any parents and he didn’t have any friends either. The next morning he heard a noise outside the shop door.

“Open the door!” said a voice.

Oliver opened the door and saw a big boy. He had small eyes and a red nose.

“I’m Mr Noah Claypole,” said the boy. “You work under me. Open the windows immediately!”

Noah wasn’t a friend. He was an enemy. Noah was jealous① of Oliver. He pulled his hair and his ears.

There were a lot of funerals② during this time. Mr Sowerberry gave Oliver a special black hat and dark jacket.
① jealous:忌妒的。
② funerals:葬礼。

Oliver became a mourner① at many funerals. After the first funerals Mr Sowerberry asked, “Well, do you like funerals?”

Oliver said, “Not very much, sir.”

One day Noah said bad things about Oliver’s mother. Oliver’s face became red with anger. He was furious. He hit the table and the chair. He hit Noah Claypole. He began beating him.

Noah was bigger than Oliver, but Oliver wasn’t afraid. “Help!” Noah cried, “He’s killing me!”
Mrs Sowerberry and a servant came to the kitchen. Together they beat Oliver for a long time. Then Mrs Sowerberry locked② Oliver in a dark room. Noah went to call Mr Bumble.

“Oh, Mr Bumble, sir!” cried Noah. “Oliver wanted to kill me and Mrs Sowerberry. Please come with me!”

When Mr Bumble and Noah arrived at the shop, Mr Bumble cried, “Oliver!”

“I want to go out!” cried Oliver from the dark room. “Do you know this voice, Oliver?” asked Mr Bumble.

“Yes,” answered Oliver. “Aren’t you afraid,” asked Mr Bumble. “No!” said Oliver in a courageous voice.

Mr Bumble was surprised.

“He’s crazy③,” said Mrs Sowerberry.

“No, he’s not crazy,” said Mr Bumble. “It’s the meat.” “What!” said Mrs Sowerberry.
① mourner:哀悼者。
② locked:锁着。
③ crazy:疯狂。

“It’s the meat! You gave him too much meat to eat. At the workhouse we give them porridge and this never happens!”

When Mr Sowerberry came home he beat Oliver too. But he forgot to lock the door. That night Oliver fell to the floor and cried all night. He cried too many tears for a little boy.

Early the next morning he put a few clothes in a handkerchief. Then he quietly left Mr Sowerberry’s shop.

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