Chapter One: Columbus Day


Story of Columbus Day
columbus day

Chapter One: Columbus Day

The second Monday of October is Columbus Day!

This festivity is celebrated only in the United States of America. Why?
During Christopher Columbus’ time people thought the world was flat. Columbus was born in Genoa, a beautiful Italian city on the north-west coast.

For many years he watched ships leave the port① of Genoa. He noticed that these ships seemed to go under the horizon②. He was convinced③ that the world was round, but no one believed him. He wanted to reach the East by sailing to the West. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain believed Columbus’ theory. They gave him three ships, the Santa Maria, the Nina and the Pinta to travel and test this theory.

Columbus was an expert navigator④. After a long and difficult voyage, he and his men reached the North American continent on 12 October, 1492! The famous Italian explorer discovered the New World! After his great discovery a new era of exploration began and America was born.
Today most Americans celebrate Columbus Day with colourful parades and they elect⑤ a Columbus Day Queen. The parade is usually long with big floats⑥ dedicated to⑦ Columbus and there are other multi-cultural⑧ floats too. After the parade there is usually a dinner and dance.

Chapter One: Columbus Day

New Words and Expressions

In San Francisco, California, there is also a re-enactment⑨ of Columbus discovery. A man dresses up① as and several other men dress up as his sailors. They get into a boat and row to the beach. When they get out of their boat they kneel on the beach and thank God.
Americans enjoy remembering the great navigator.

① port:港口城镇。
② horizon:地平线。
③ was convinced:确信。
④ navigator:导航者。
⑤ elect:选举。
⑥ floats:彩车
⑦ dedicated to:纪念。
⑧ multi-cultural:多种文化。
⑨ re-enactment:再次展现。
① dresses up:化装。

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