雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 工作与学习

IELTS Vocabulary of 8 core topics
Work and Study

Beneficial,rewarding 有好处的
It is rewarding to learn a foreign language.

good future, promising 有前途的
I believe that I would have a promising future with this major.

Popular, prevailing 流行的
This major is prevailing, since this industry has a high demand for…

Laborious, backbreaking 劳累的
After a day’s backbreaking work, I really need relaxation.

High salary, well-paid job 高薪的
After graduation, I could get a well-paid job.

office worker, clock/card puncher 上班族,打卡一族
I don’t want to be a card puncher, I want to be a freelancer,

seek a job, job-hunting 找工作
Being proficient in languages makes me competitive in the job-hunting market.

job-centered, career-oriented 以职业为导向的
Our study plan should be career-oriented.

Difficult, tricky/challenging 困难的
Studying alone in a foreign country is an apparently challenging task,

ask for a lot, demanding 要求高的
This job is demanding, so I have to learn new knowledge every day.

case study, scenario analysis 案例分析
Let me give you a scenario analysis, from one thing…from another…

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 工作与学习

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 文化传媒

Media and culture

Relaxing, soothing 放松的
Light music is pretty soothing.

Funny, hilarious 好笑的
This comedy is nothing but hilarious.

Exciting, dynamic 动感的
Youngsters have a fancy for dynamic music.

Enjoyment, blast/treat 享受
What a treat to enjoy his show.

Lively, energetic活泼的
Rock makes me feel more energetic.

electronic magazine, e-zine电子杂志
An increasing number of people choose to read e-zines.

electronic book, e-reader电子书
E-book is a necessity for killing time while I am taking the subway.

recent news, current affairs时事新闻
We could keep up with current affairs through Weibo.

Reporter, journalist记者
Honesty is the bottom tine of a journalist.

full of action, action-packed 充满动作元素的
This movie blew my mind with heaps of action-packed scenes.

have a mixed feeling about…, twisting纠结的
I felt twisting about the plot of this movie.

Boring,monotonous/tedious/humdrum 无聊的
The theme is so monotonous.

Proper, appropriate 合适的
On such an occasion, we need to dress up appropriately,

Improve, boost/foster/enhance/further 提高
Watching English movies could boost my understanding of western culture.

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 文化传媒

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 人物

People 前一个是学生常用词汇,第二个是雅思高分词汇

Hardworking, diligent/industrious/studious 努力的
I have never seen such a diligent guy like him.

Smart, brainy 聪明的
She is the brainiest girl in our class.

Attractive, appealing/tempting 吸引人的
I found Brad Pitt greatly appealing.

hang out with, socialise/interact with跟朋友出去玩
Dancing is a way of socialising with different people.

do…without being told,self-starter 主动做事的人
Self-starters tend to achieve success more easily.

cover a variety of grounds, well-rounded 全方面的
The essence of education is to provide well-rounded knowledge.

Confidence, self-belief 信心
I want to see a bit more self-belief from you.

good friend, intimate companion 好朋友
As an intimate companion, she told me everything about her family.

strong-minded, tenacious/tough 坚强的
I really admire his tenacity and toughness.

work hard on, apply oneself to 致力于
Everybody can make a success as long as you apply yourself to it.

Practical, be down-to-earth 实际的,脚踏实地的
We need to be down-to-earth to start it over.

Encourage, inspire/motivate 鼓励 、鼓舞
A leader should be able to inspire his subordinates(下属 )

Average, mediocre 普通的,平凡的
We have mediocre appearances, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean we have mediocre minds.

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 人物

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 旅行交通

Travel and Transportation 前一个是学生常用词汇,第二个是雅思高分词汇

traveling place, destination 旅游目的地
Outbound travelling destinations are increasingly prevailing for Chinese visitors,

different feeling, exotic 异域的
This restaurant is full of exotic sensations.

travelling around the world, round-the-world tour 环球旅行
My lifelong dream is to take a round-the-world tour.

Trip, excursion 旅行
The purpose of excursion is not just to reach the destination.

travel plan, itinerary 旅游路线
According to the itinerary, we would be there in three days.

natural scenery, natural landscape 自然景观
Elders prefer places with natural landscape.

traffic jam, traffic congestion 交通堵塞
The issue of traffic congestion tends to be more serious in my city,

Crowded, bumper to bumper 拥堵的
You can see the cars bumper to bumper every day during peak hours.

car exhaust, gas emission 汽车尾气
Smart would produce less gas emissions than other vehicles,

on time, punctual 准时的
Subway is the most punctual transport in my city,

Passenger, commuter 通勤的人
For commuters, traffic situation at peak hours is a nightmare,

daily routine, daily timetable/schedule 日常安排
My daily timetable is pretty full.

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 旅行交通

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 购物生活方式

Shopping and Lifestyle

chase after fashion,fashion-conscious赶时髦的
This magazine is attractive to those fashion-conscious youngsters,

crazy about shopping, shopaholic 购物狂
Can you believe that Librans(天秤座的人) were born to be shopaholics?

can’t help buying something, compulsive shopper
强迫性购 物者
As a compulsive shopper, I’v decided to reduce my shopping frequency.

use every penny wisely, bargain shopper 精打细算的购物者
This is a perfect place for bargain shoppers.

limited pocket money,tight budget 手头紧
My budget has been tight recently.

show off wealth, flaunt wealth 炫富
Luxury goods should be more than just flaunting wealth,

shopping mall, commercial complex 商业综合体
During the weekend, I could spend my whole day in this commercial complex.

Expensive, pricy, 贵的
Things in this shop are less pricy.

You can take this handy gadget anywhere you go.

Weibo/Renren, SNS (social network site) 社交网站
SNS is now a necessity for almost every youngster.

QQ/MSN, IM(instant messenger) 即时通信工具
Do you have any sort of IM?

delivery service, door-to-door service上门服务
They provide door-to-door service.

the lowest price,beat any price on the market 市场最低价格
They promise that they can beat any price on the market.

quality goods, genuine/authentic goods 正品
This online shop is trustworthy(值得信赖的) because it sells genuine and authentic goods.

price goes up/down, appreciate/depreciate 升值/贬值
Some people buy luxury goods with the belief that they might appreciate.

Internet, cyber 网络的
Cyber-crime is becoming increasingly serious these days.

Cheating, fraudulent/deceitful 坑爹的
Shopping online might be fraudulent.

Delicious, tasty/flavourful / appetizing / mouth-watering/ savoury可口,美味的
This place is a paradise with loads of tasty food.

Food, dish 菜脊
They serve special dishes in this restaurant.

delicious food, cuisine 美食
I am a big fan of Italian/French/Japanese cuisine.

healthy food, nutritious 营养的
Sushi is pretty nutritious with the combination of veggies and seafood.

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 购物生活方式

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 健身


Health, fitness/wellness 健康
Swimming is good for my physical fitness and mental wellness,

Exercise, aerobics 有氧运动
We need to do some aerobics after a whole day’s work,

stay at home, stuck at home 宅在家
I used to be stuck at home all day long.

Relax, kickback/layback 放松
You can kick back by walking along the beach.

Refreshed,revitalised 重新提起精神的
After walking around in such a peaceful place, I feel revitalised,

good at sports, athletic 有运动天赋的
Sam is athletic at track and field sports.

Endurance, stamina 耐力
Long-distance race training could foster my stamina.

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 健身 居住 回忆经历

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 居住

Housing and Places

long history, time-honoured 历史悠久的
My hometown is well-known for its time-honoured buildings,

big place, spacious/roomy 宽敞的
The garden near my house is pretty spacious.

near water, waterfront 滨水区的
It is my dream to live in a waterfront villa.

Quiet, serene/tranquil安静的
At such a serene and tranquil place, I could find inner peace.

Cold, freezing/chilly寒冷的
Hot, stuffy闷热的
The climate of my hometown is typical northern China, which is stuffy during summer and freezing during winter.

Comfortable, comfy/cosy/homey 舒服的
I prefer watching movies at home, since it is comfy, cosy and homey,

Flower, blossom 花丛
This garden is enclosed by blossoms.

雅思8个核心话题词汇拓展- 回忆经历

Memories and Experiences

Unforgettable, memorable/impressive 难忘的
The gig I went to last weekend was so memorable.

Impressive, a lasting impression in my mind 印象深刻
This movie left a lasting impression in my mind.

a rare opportunity, once-in-a-lifetime chance —生中难得的机会
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, I won’t let it go.

in my memory, in retrospect在我的记忆中
In retrospect, f made the right decision at the very beginning,

Remember,recall 回想
We recalled all good memories we had in high school.

starting point, incentive 出发点,动机
The incentive was that I wanted to extend my own limits.

get married, tie the knot 结婚
Today is the big day for my sister to tie the knot.

wedding dress, wedding gown婚妙
This exquisite wedding gown is handmade.

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