雅思口语场景1- Work and Study


1. 态度就是一切。
Attitude is everything.

2. 细节决定成败 。
Detail is the key to success.

3. 我相信这个行业以后会非常有前途。
I believe that this sector will be especially promising and highly demanded in the near future.

After graduation, I plan to take over the family business.

I always hold the belief that every profession has its own master.

6. 这次实习的经历让我学会了脚踏实地做事情。
This internship experience made me realise that I need to have a down-to-earth attitude towards work.

7. 这个工作最大的好处就在于我可以和各种各样的人接触。
The best part of this job is that I could interact and socialise with different types of people.

雅思口语场景1-Work and Study – Click to Listen

雅思口语场景2- Media and Culture


8. 我从这个电影学到了真爱是不会因为时光的荏苒和生命的终结而改变的。
I learnt from this movie that genuine love is everlasting regardless of the passage of time and termination of life.

9. 以其人之道道还治其人之身。
We should let him have a dose of his own medicine.

10. 约翰尼•德普的表演给我留下了深刻的印象。
Jonny Depp’s performance has been deeply rooted in my mind.

I was deeply mesmerised by him at first sight.

12. 他的歌声太有穿透力了,仿佛穿过了我的身体 。
His voice is so penetrating; It seems like getting into my skin.

13. 我想说的是, 能听到这样的歌声,我三生有幸。
I just want to say that it is really a privilege and honour to listen to such a beautiful song.

14. 选秀节目中,我们可以见证平凡的人也有不平凡的才能。
On talent show, we can witness that ordinary people could possess extraordinary talents.

15. 招聘节目可以让我们为未来的职场做好准备 。
By watching job-hunting show we can get ourselves well prepared for future career.

This ad could raise people’s awareness of preserving our environment.

雅思口语场景2- Media and Culture

雅思口语场景3 – 人物

人物 – People

17. 天才就是1%的灵感加上99%的努力。
Genius is 1 % inspiration and 99% perspiration.

18.他总是第一个到教 室,最后一个离幵 。
He is always the first to come and last to leave.

19. 我坚持,我成功。
I should persist until I succeed.

20. —个有智慧的人总是能够三言两语把一个复杂的事情说清 楚。
A wise man could always explain something difficult and complicated in an easy and simple way.

21. 乔布斯的设计理念是: 至繁归于至简 。
Steve Jobs always believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

He is brainy, and he is always able to master the hang of study in the shortest time.

23. 他经历了良心的拷问,最终选择了忏悔。
He was torn by his conscience, and eventually he repented.

We are on the same wavelength about a number of issues.

25. 他是我的精神导师,每当我遇到困难,他都是我第一个想要寻求帮助的人。
He is my spiritual mentor, for whenever I come across difficulties, he will be the first person I turn to for help.

26. 他是我一直想成为的那种人。
He is the kind of man I have always wanted to be.

27. 他是一个天生的戏骨。
He was born to be an actor.

28. 迈克尔•杰克逊的太空步是最令人惊叹的舞蹈之一。
Michael Jackson’s Moon Walk is one of the most breathtaking dance moves.

29.比尔.盖茨和他的盖茨梅琳达基金会不遗余力地帮助非洲儿 童。
Bill Gates, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spares no effort in helping the needy children in Africa.

雅思口语场景3 – 人物

雅思口语场景4- 旅行与交通

Travel and Transportation

30. 旅行可以为我以后在国外的独立生活铺就道路。
Traveling could pave the way for me to live abroad independently in the coming years.

31. 在旅途中,你看到的越多,你的生命就会越丰富。
During the trip, the more you see of this world, the richer your life will be.

32. 旅行给我们提供了一个远离暄嚣的机会 。
Traveling provides us a great opportunity to escape the crowds.

33. 旅行重新激起了我对生活的兴趣。
Traveling has rekindled my interest in life.

34. 我们应该尽可能地去使用公共交通,减少开私家车。
We should use public transportation as much as possible instead of driving private cars.

35. 北京的地铁网络四通八达。
The subway network has been greatly linked, and you can get anywhere you want in Beijing.

36. 如果所有的人都乘坐公共交通的话,道路会通畅很多。
If all commuters take public transportation, I believe that the traffic will be much smoother.

37. 为了响应低碳生活的号召,我决定买辆自行车作为我的代步工具。
In order to answer the call of living a low-carbon lifestyle, I have decided to buy a bicycle as my means of transportation.

雅思口语场景4- 旅行与交通

雅思口语场景5- 购物与生活方式

Shopping and Lifestyle

38. 点一点鼠标,购物就像点击声听起来那样简单。
With the click of a mouse, shopping is as easy as it sounds.

39. 电子商务正在改变人们的购物习惯。
The advancement of B2C industry has been converting the consumer’s way of shopping.

40. 这个购物场所为顾客提供了一站式的购物体验。
This shopping place provides customers with one-stop shopping experience.

41. 他们承诺七天包退换,七天之内,有任何不满意都可以退货 或者是调换 。
They guarantee that you can exchange or refund anything you buy in this shop within 7 days without any fuss.

Some fell into debt crisis since they spent beyond earnings.

43. 这个餐厅提供了以頋客为导向的服务。
The restaurant provides customer-oriented service.

Sushi is regarded as the healthiest food in the world.

45. 这家餐厅的招牌菜是牛排。
Steak is their signature dish.

雅思口语场景5- 购物与生活方式

雅思口语场景6 – 健康与健身

Health and Fitness

46. 今天的人们普遍过着一种久坐不动的生活方式,我们需要多到户外去活动活动 。
Today’s people tend to live a sedentary lifestyle, and we do need to stretch out and do aerobics outdoors.

47. 我曾经沉溺于电脑游戏,但是现在我想拥有一个更家积极 、健康的人生。
I used to be addicted to computer games, yet now I am thinking of having a more positive and healthy life.

48. 缺乏运动会导致一系列的慢性疾病。
A lack of exercise will lead to a series of chronic diseases.

49. 我喜欢游泳是因为这个运动的强度不大。
I am partial towards swimming because it is less intense.

雅思口语场景6 – 健康与健身

雅思口语场景7 – 地点


Whenever I come to this park, it would remind me of my carefree childhood.

This peaceful park is like an oasis in the middle of the desert.

52. 只要我没有了创作思路,我就会在这个地方随便逛逛,找找 灵感。
As long as I come across a bottleneck, I’d like to bum around this place seeking for inspiration.

53. 在这拥挤的城市拥有一片绿地简直是一种奢望。
In such a crowded city, having a green field is almost a luxury.

54. 为了引起参观者的兴趣并给人们留下深刻的印象,这个博物馆设计了一些体验式环节。
In order to attract the interest of visitors and leave a deep impression, the museum designed some hands-on experiments.

55. 这个地方距离地铁和购物中心只有几步之遥。
It only takes a few steps to get to the subway and the shopping center.

雅思口语场景7 – 地点

雅思口语场景8- 经历与记忆

Experiences and Memories

56. 照片可以锁住记忆将瞬间凝固。
Photos could lock up memories and freeze the moment.

57. 作为表弟,我在他们的婚礼上表达了我最衷心的祝福。
As their cousin, I expressed my wholehearted blessing and best wishes to them at their wedding.

58. 夫妻双方无论是顺境还是逆境都应该相亲相爱。
The couple should love and cherish each other for better or for worse.

59. 我们对他们这种推三阻四的态度彻底无语了。
We were completely speechless towards their buck-passing attitude.

60. 鉴于这是我的第一次电话面试,我当时超级紧张 。
Given that it was my first telephone interview, I was extremely off my mood.

61. 我是多么想回到以前,重新来过 。
How I wish I could go back to the past and start everything over again.雅思口语场景2- Media and Culture.

雅思口语场景8- 经历与记忆

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