Extended topics in IELTS oral test

在Part One中,考官的问题可以分为两大类,分别是:
宽泛的问题 、拉家常型
具体的问题 、观点型
所谓宽泛的问題,就是考官需要你就一个话题展幵回答,最常见的问题形式是Do you like …?
Do you like music?
Do you like watching movies?
Do you like dancing?
Do you like doing sports?
Do you like reading?
Do you like drawing?
Do you use mobile phone?
Do you have a driver’s license?
Do you like watching TV programs?
Do you like traveling?
Do you like swimming?
Do you like shopping?
Do you like collecting things?
Do you use computers?
Can you drive a car?
A —直接回答考官的间题
W—What (类型) Where (地点) When (时间) Who (人物) Why (原因)

音乐 Do you like music?
Answer -肯定:
Definitely yes, everyone enjoys music, and I am no exception!
I love…
Well, honestly speaking, music is really not my cup of tea, simply because …(给出直接原因) 点击阅读更多回答内容

What—pop, techno (电音音乐 ),hip-hop, rock, meditation (冥想乐 ) and especially light music. (罗列名词 )
Where—Normally speaking, I would like to listen to music with my earphones when I take a ride on public transportation (给出一个具体的场景)
When—As long as I couldn’t go to sleep, I’d like to listen to some light music to calm myself down. (给出一个条件: As long as I …, I would…) 喜欢的歌手
Why— I am fond of music mainly because it can cheer me up greatly when I feel down/low/ blue/bored/tired/depressed (心情不好的时候让我高兴起来 )
Besides, I also believe that music is an indispensable part of culture and tradition, through which I could have a better understanding of different cultures around the world,including cowboy culture, African-American street culture, the three main religions and so on. (有助于理解不同的文化)
Who—My most favourite singers include Adele, James Blunt, Avril Lavigne, and so forth.
Purify my heart with melodious rhythms (light/gospel/meditation) Produce great chemical reaction in my mind (pop)
Wake me up when I feel drowsy in the morning (rock/punk)
Blow my mind with strong beats and rhythms (hip-hop/R&B/rap
Promote my personal cultivation
Be versatile (多才多艺 )and can play musical instruments, like piano, violin, guitar, cello, Jazz drum, flute, saxophone and so on

电影 Do you like watching movies?
Answer: Speaking of movies, yes, I am a big fan of all types of movies, such as…

What—comedy, action, romance, sci-fi, manga, vampire, zombie, animation…
Where—Normally speaking, I enjoy watching movies at cinemas, for it has a better atmosphere with better sound/visual/audio effect.
When & Who—As long as I am available during weekends, I would like to see a movie with my bestie/GF/BF.
Why一I love watching movies simply because I could/it could…
cheer myself up/amuse myself/relax myself/release my pressure (comedy)
escape from my daily life, and experience something that could hardly happen in real life (vampire+romance—Twilight)
have a blast and blow my mind (action一Mission Impossible 4)
boost my imagination and cause a visual impact (sci-fi—Avatar, Inception)
maintain my child’s interest and find simplicity (animation—Kung Fu Panda)
provoke thought towards humanity and life (ethical—Shawshank Redemption, The Pursuit of Happiness)
broaden my horizon and enrich my knowledge (documentary—Inside Job)

跳舞 Do you like dancing?
Answer肯定:Yes, I am partial towards dancing.
Answer否定:No, frankly speaking, I could hardly find an opportunity to learn how to dance from anyone nearby.

Where & When一 As long as I am off work/school, I would dance in a dance studio/gym/square/dancing school.
Why—I love dancing mainly because dancing is a way of…
relaxation / keeping fit/escaping from daily life routines/interaction and socialisation (ballroom dance)
showing off individuality (street dance/popping/locking)
learning an exotic culture (salsa/belly dance/Latin)

旅游 Do you like travelling?
Answer – Undoubtedly yes, travelling is my most favourite.

When & Who—As long as I am free from study, I would like to
my friends or family members. …
Where-We would make trips to big cities like Hong Kong, ancient towns l.ke L.j.an, Yunnan province and so on.
Why—Through travelling, I could…
meet different people/ try different food/ experience another culture
have a sense of freshness and newness
escape from daily life routines
get myself well prepared for the future overseas life
achieve my life-long dream of taking a round-the-world tour

运动 Do you like doing sports?
Answer : Absolutely yes, I am greatly fascinated by all sorts of sports, including…

What—badminton, billiards, jogging, hiking, cycling, skiing, skating, swimming…
Who & Where—Occasionally, I would play B-ball with my classmates/roommates on the basketball court/in the stadium.
Why— I find sports could be beneficial in a variety of ways, for example, through playing sports, I could…
relax myself/release the pressure/release study burdens/ease tiredness
keep fit/keep in good shape/lose weight/build my body/work out my body
strengthen teamwork spirit and improve cooperation skills
socialise/interact with my peers
learn the concept of winning and losing/maintain a sense of competition

阅读 Do you like reading?
Answer: Yes, I love reading.

What—I normally read novels, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and so on.
Where & When — As long as I am in the subway, reading is what I would do to kill time and
sometimes, I would read books/magazines or listen to audio books on my iPhone/iPad/Kindle.
Why一 Reading, essentially, is a part of my daily life, since reading could…
broaden my horizon
enrich my knowledge
help me keep up with the latest news and information
cultivate my way of thinking
enlighten my mind/set a fire in my mind
add a bit of fun to my life

购物 Do you like shopping?
Answer: Oh, when it comes to shopping, I have to say that I am really a shopaholic.

When & Where一In my spare time, I would like to go shopping at a mall, a convenience store,
a grocery store, a supermarket, a department store or go shopping online. What—Mostly, I would shop for daily necessities, like cosmetics, skincare products, fashion
stuff, snacks, clothes, sneakers.”
Why—I love shopping for a variety of reasons, for example, I could…
relax myself/release my pressure
meet my requirements on a daily basis
get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment
buy myself a brand new dress/try on different clothes
have an opportunity to catch up with besties

绘画 Do you like drawing/painting?
Answer: Yes, I used to learn how to draw/paint when I was young.

What— I’ve learnt how to draw portrait, sketch, watercolor, comics, traditional Chinese painting and oil painting.
When & Where— When I was around 10 years old, I attended a tutorial session about…
Why—I believe that drawing/painting is 100% vital in some ways, because it could/l could…
审美观 ,
improve my artistic/aesthetic standards
cultivate my interests in life and nature
improve hand-eye coordination
heighten people’s sense of beauty
be a future career choice
be a pastime/way of entertainment.
represent a kind of culture

收藏 Do you like collecting things?
Answer: Without a doubt, I have always considered collecting as my hobby.

What I have a fancy for a wide selection of collections, such as stamps, DVDs, dolls, toys, coins, artworks, antiques…
When & Where – Ever since I was in my primary school, I have been encouraged to pursue my own interests, so I tried almost every possible way to collect…
Why – Collecting could be advantageous in many ways, it could… broaden my horizon/widen my outlook
catch up with the latest trend and fashion
facilitate my daily life with new technologies
help me acquire the knowledge of the world (stamps/coins/paper note)
express personal sentiment/attachment (vampire/zombie DVDs) I am a fancier/die-hard fan/hobbyist of certain themes.
show my fondness for gifts from friends or family members (dolls/4WD cars/ teddy bears)
be a way of earning high ROR (rate of return)/making profit (Maotai)


牛刀小试 ,问答练习

How would you like to improve your current accommodation?
Is there any bird that has a special meaning in your country?
What’s your favourite flower and why?
Who gave you your name and what is the meaning of your Chinese name? What do you think of noise?

牛刀小试 (练 习)
Are you living in an apartment or a house?
Currently, I am living in a two-bedroom apartment with my parents. It is near the CBD (central business district) area of our city. My neighbourhood is fairly convenient and my apartment is only steps to almost every kind of facilities, including public transportation, shop­ ping places, schools, medical services and sports center.

所谓具体的问題,就是考官给出问题让你做选择,你要回答是还 是不是,然后给出理由。对于具体类型的问题,考官考察的角度是:
B.是否进行了直接的解释 explanation
C.是否能够用自己的生活经历给出一定的支持 concrete examples
D.是否能够从反证角度给予阐述 disproof
E.是否能够想到间题的另一面. contrary aspect


例 1: Is your family important to you?

A起 – 用考官的话直接回答问題,给出自己的立场或者观点(跟 考官步调一致)
B承 – 用kiss (keep it simple and straightforward)原则给出一个 核心关健词 (形容词或动词短语)进行解释
keywords: simply because/mainly because/since…
c.接 – 用自己或者身边的例子给考官一个看得见、摸得着的体验 keywords: by this/ I mean/take me for example /for Instance….
D. 反一从反证的角度做出假设
E. 转 一考虑到事物的另一面,从而给出更全面、客观的评价
F. 合 – 告诉考官:我讲完了,这就是我的立场 keywords: So, generally, that is why, I believe…

例 1: Is your family important to you?
Definitely yes, my family means everything to me,
simply because they gave me life, raised me up and have supported almost every decision that I have ever made.
For example, I am about to study overseas and my family would give me sufficient financial support, so I wouldn’t need to worry about my living expenses and tuition.
Without my family, I don’t believe I could survive for more than three days. (反证,夸张,虚拟语气等都是考官给分的重点)
So without any doubt, my family is the most important thing in my life.

起、承、接、反、转 、合就好像六张 牌。第一张 ,回答问题 、给出立场牌为必打,其他的句以根据具体问题和答题习惯选择 性出牌。考试时 考生可以按不同顺序搭配使用,形成不同的效果,但是要注意逻辑关系,比如说,举例子要放在解释之后。搭配方式多种多样大家只要记好关键词和逻辑顺序,完全可以自由组 合。

真題剖析 – 例2: Is computer important to you?

直接反证 :
Yes, computer is extremely necessary in my daily life, just like eating and sleeping.
Without a computer, I wouldn’t be able to get access to my online social net­ works, like Weibo/ Renren/QQ/email, and then I would lose connection with most of my friends and classmates. Without computers, it would be inconvenient for me to finish my assignment, prepare my class presentation and do research online. Without computers, my life would be boring and monotonous, simply because I am used to amusing myself by listening to music, watching movies, playing computer games on computers every day.
Can you imagine life without your computer? Can you imagine birds flying without wings?
Can you imagine people living without air and water? So…
So, you tell me how important computer is!!

真題剖析 – 例 3: Do you prefer eating at home or eating at restaurants?

起 Normally speaking, I am keener on eating at restaurants,
承simply because I can try a wider range/selection of food at restaurants.
接For example, I can enjoy Japanese food, like sushi,sashimi and udon noodle.
反But if I eat at home, I probably could only have Chinese food, since my mum has no idea of how to cook Japanese food.
转However, I do know that food safety is becoming increasingly alarming these days in China. So, somehow eating at home will be more hygienic and guaranteed.
回答问题的最难点在于如何以最快的速度找准思路,并且还要清 晰明了。其实思路很明显,那就是提到这个问题时,大多数人都会想到的观点。比如说 :
money-saving/hygienic/ better family atmosphere /
sharing moment/homemade…
time-saving/labour-saving/ wider range of selection
/more appropriate for business banquet

真題剖析 – 例4: Do you prefer swimming in the ocean or in a swimming pool?

Personally speaking, I would rather swim in a swimming pool than swim in the ocean,
simply because swimming in a pool is much safer than swimming in the ocean.
For example, If I swim in the ocean, I would face great danger, say, coming across a shark.
So I’d rather swim in a peaceful swimming pool.

真題剖析5: Do you like watching movies at home or in the cinema?

Mostly, 1 have a fancy for watching movies at home,
mainly because it is money-saving, and besides, I could rewind and pause at any time.
But I do know that watching movies in cinemas could offer us better atmosphere and better audio-visual effects.
So it depends on the situation. For some highly recommendable blockbusters, I would choose to watch the movie in a cinema.
The thrill of watching movies on a bigger screen
Atmosphere is more exciting 更加紧张刺激
More deeply involved in the movie 更加投入
Only place to watch a premiere 酉以看到首映
More cosy /homey/comfy 更舒服
Switch it off or switch channels when you feel uninterested 不感兴趣可以关掉或者换台
Share opinions and discuss with friends while watching 边看边聊

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