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下面是一道Part Two的例题 :
Describe a person in the news you want to meet.
You should say:
who the person is
how you knew this person
what you will say to him/her
when you have a chance to meet him/her and explain
why you want to meet this person.

所有的卡片题都是要求考生:Describe something
People—- Who
Place—- Where
What,Where,Who, When,How often, How much,Why
当考官说 “Now you can start talking for one to two minutes.”的时候,考生需要给出一个带有正式口吻的独白。考官中途不会 插话,直到独白结束。我们可以用以下这个模板套话给出问题的 背景:
Well, the… I want to share with you is called…
Which is a kind of … specializing in…
Which is one of the most … in china these days..
Which /who is ….



Why do you want to eat in such a restaurant?
What you see – decoration style, environment, hygiene condition
What you hear – background music
What you smell and taste – favour of the food
What you feel – service, price and speed
What you comment – location, nutrition of the food served

Example answer : 参考答案:
I love Pizza hut for several reasons.
Firstly, the food there is really tasty and flavorful.
It provides authentic flavor of Italia food, and they have all sorts of pizza, including Hawaiian, Aussie, Roast chicken and potatoes, vegetarian, Meat lovers, you name it.
I am a big fan of pizza, and I am always mouth-watering about them.
Besides, I also feel that the environment is fairly cozy and homey.
The atmosphere is great, we can have different options when choosing a seat and it also leaves some privacy for taking. It is pretty customer oriented.
I have a fancy for peaceful places, occasionally, I’d like to read a magazine while eating my dinner.
More importantly, I always believe that the staff there are quite hospitable.
They will give you reasonable advice and recommendations if you are uncertain about what to order, which is very considerate and a customer can feel very comfy in such an environment.
I personally will focus more on positive attitude and good service, for if conversely, they might ruin the good mood for a great meal.
总结结束 :Generally, that’s why Pizza Hut is my favourite restaurant.

1、 3、5就是参考解析中提到的三个观点。
2、 4、6则是支持的理由,我们对支持的理由做了如下技术处理:

客观 :考生不能讲完一个观点后就紧接着讲另一个观点,考生首先要告诉考官这个观点是什么意思,让考官通过支持的理由有一个更直观的理解。客观描述一般有以下几种手法:

解释 :simply because/ mainly because/ since they provide customer-oriented service…

记 叙 :the whole place is decorated in a bohemian style.

量化: it only costs me 30 yuan per meal on average.”

举例/ 总结:they have got all I want, such as…

主观 : 讲完客观,考生还要联想到自己,告诉考官自己的切身感受等等,这样才是一个完整的逻辑。主观描述有如下几种 :

自身的感受: Whenever I am tired from study, I’d like to kick back at this place.

自身的情況: You know, I am a poor student with tight budget, so 30 yuan per meal is really a bargain.(要经常提钱,讲大实话 )

自身的爱好: I am personally a big fan of Italian food. In my spare time, I will learn how to cook them with a recipe.

自身的打算: You know, I plan to live in Australia for at least two years, and I have to get myself well prepared for that starting with food.



任何一个观点的支持理由都可以从客观和主观两个角度来说明。 我们酬确一下结构 :
分1:观 点+支持(客观 +主观 )
分2:观 点+支持(客观 +主观 )
分3:观 点+支持(客观 +主观 )

除了以上的参考解析和答案外,我们还可以评价说 :
The decoration style is classy upscale.
The environment is hygienic and sanitary.(干净卫生)
The price is affordable and I could get a discount with student card. (价格适中)
The location is convenient, and it is easy to find a parking space. (方便)
The service is speedy, all orders can be served in 10 minutes. (上菜速度快)
The food is rather nutritious with low calories and less oily/greasy. (营养不油腻)

注意: 每个观点的回答大概占用20秒,所以第四问至少需要1分钟,加上前三问的45秒. 刚好达到考官1-2 minutes的要求。所有的答案都给出了讲解,均符合观点加支持的清晰结构。

牛刀小试 (练习)
Describe your favourite shop.
You should say: what the shop specialises in how often you go shopping at this place what kinds of people will go to this place and explain further why you like it.

以一家电子商务网站(B2C website)为例,该网站主营家用电器,卖点是:
☆ quality guaranteed 保证正品
☆ lowest price价格最低
☆ door-to-door service 送货上门服务
☆ cash on delivery 货到付款
☆ free shipping 全场包邮
☆ free gift-package 免费包装
☆ 7-day refund or return policy 7天包退换
☆ 2-year warranty 2 年质保
☆ home-installation 上门安装

Well, my most favourite shop is called“360buy(名字不重要)”,which is a kind of B2C website, specialising in home appliances, including TV sets, refrigerators or other electronic products. Besides, they also cover a variety of products, such as books, garments, snacks and so on. (总分结构回答第一间)
Speaking of frequency, well, as long as I need to buy some daily essential appliances, it will be my first choice, so, it depends on my personal needs. When it comes to shoppers, basically, it is attractive to many people, for example, homebodies, housewives, students, bargain shoppers, you know, people from all walks of life. (各行各业的人)
I have a fancy for shopping at 360buy for some reasons.
Firstly, I feel that…
Besides, I also consider that ..
Most importantly/ what matters is that.
Generally, that is why …

按照这样的逻辑和方式对题库进行讲解,请大家务必做到对前三问轻车熟路,最后一问有理有据,列出论据1、2、3。此外,时间一定要控制在2分抑之内 。

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