Part Three 提问方式与回答范例之四

Part Three 提问方式与回答范例之二

Part Three 提问方式与回答范例之四


How has…changed recently in your country?
Generally speaking,
people used to…in a traditional and conventional way,
such as…. But now, an increasing number of people choose to…, including 首先想到互联网和科技的影响

How has people’s way of communicating been changed recently?
Well, in the past, people used to communicate with each other in traditional ways, such as making a phone call, writing letters or sending telegram.
Yet today, due to the proliferation of internet, people’s way of communicating has been greatly transformed. Apart from traditional means, people now tend to communicate with each other on SNS (social network site), like Weibo, Renren, Twitter, Facebook and so on. (联想到新媒体)
How has family relationship changed recently in your country?
Well, in the past, family used to live under one roof, you know, they supported and took care of each other. Besides, they had more frequent contact with relatives.
Yet now, family member are easily separated, children tend to study, work and live far away from their parents, and they may even migrate to another city or country, thus the family relationship would not be as closely linked as before, and this leads to the phenomenon called the empty nest.

How has the relationship between neighbors changed recently in your country?
How has news report changed recently in your country?
How has the way of travelling changed recently in your country?
How has people’s way of reading changed recently in your country?
How has people’s way of listening to music changed recently in your country?
How has the wedding changed these days in China?

观点类的问题最难把握,考官主要是想听听考生对于一件事物的看法。观点类问题分为三种 :
总结性观点论 >一边倒观点 >一分为二观点
观点表达的常用句式 :
♦ When it comes to…/Speaking of…
♦ I just think…/I always consider that…
♦ From where I stand, I feel that…
♦ From my perspective, I find that…

What kinds of…?
Are there?
Do people often…?
What are the reasons/values of…?

Well, people often do…for a variety of reasons”.
(将考官的问题转变成陈述句,后面加上 many/loads of/heaps of/a variety of/a wide range of 等 ) 分 : such as /like /including…
What are the factors people consider when buying a piece of furniture?
Well, speaking of buying a piece of furniture, I guess people would take a variety of factors into consideration, such as… (罗列名词,并最好给出支持的理由)
room size and room layout 房间大小和布局
color coordination 颜色搭配
quality 质量
texture 质地

What are the efficient ways of learning English?
Well, talking about learning English, I consider there are many efficient ways, such as…
soaking into a pure English environment by living in a native speaking country for a while.
copying the way natives speak through watching TV programs or movies.
getting started by studying an aspect of the culture, such as music, painting, literature and so on.

What are the qualities required to become a good…?
成为一个……应该具备……的素质?比如说成为一个 politician/ leader/ high salary worker/ celebrity/ journalist /successful person…
One more to add/mention…
More importantly/most importantly…
Well, firstly, a qualified…should be…simply because… Besides, they also need to be…, since…
More importantly, I always think…is essential fora…

What are the qualities required to become a good journalist?
Well, a good journalist should be responsible, since he must take responsibly for what he has reported.
Besides, a good journalist also needs to be insightful because the public want to know the truth and justice behind the stories.
Moreover, I always think that persistence is essential for a reporter; they should be able to overcome every kind of obstacle to draw the conclusion.

What are the reasons of shopping online?
What kinds of movies do children like to watch?
What kinds of shops are there near your house?
What kinds of advertisements are there in your city?
What kinds of things do people often lose?
What do people often celebrate in your country?
What are the common festivals in your country?
What kinds of roles do people play in a family?
Why do people care about their health?
What qualities should a leader have?
What qualities should a traveler have?
What kind of people can become successful?

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