IELTS writing task 2
雅思大作文Task2真题与范文赏析 1
Governments should give financial support to art projects such as theaters and museums, while others suggest that the money should be spent on health care and education. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 点击阅读参考范文。

Any people argue government budget should be allocated to art. Everybody needs some beauty in their life, but not everyone can afford a Picasso or a piece of music, so governments should provide money for museums or concert halls to citizens.

However, art projects are more likely to attract the investment of the private sectors and artists should realize if there is a demand for their music or sculpture, then they will be wealthy. Therefore, financial supports from governments seem unnecessary and should be put into more important projects.

Government interference in education and medical services is highly recommended. Providing sufficient education opportunities and eliminating illiteracy can allow citizens to hunt a job and earn regular income, thereby improving their standard of living and shaking off poverty. For a country as a whole, education is linked to skilled workforce and to high productivity, affecting both prosperity and stability.

In addition, access to health care is a basic human right and a measure to ensure a decent standard of living. People feel assured living and working in a country where they can be given medical service when unemployed, sick, injured or retired, so offering the needy people with affordable medical service is the fulfillment of the government’s responsibility to its members and can make government win the loyalty of citizens.

雅思大作文Task2真题与范文赏析 2
Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced? 点击阅读参考范文。

I think it is true that in almost every country today each household and family produce a large amount of waste every week. Most of this rubbish comes from the packaging from the things we buy, such as processed food. But even if we buy fresh food without packaging, we still produce rubbish from the plastic bags used everywhere to carry shopping home.

The reason why we have so much packaging is that we consume so much more on a daily basis than families did in the past. Convenience is also very important in modern life, so we buy packaged or canned food that we can be transported from long distances and stored until we need it, first in the supermarket, and then at home.

However, I think the amount of waste produced is also a result of our tendency to use something once and throw it away. We forget that even the cheapest plastic bag has used up valuable resources and energy to produce. We also forget that it is a source of pollution and difficult to dispose of.

I think, therefore, that governments need to raise this awareness in the general public. Children can be educated about environmental issues at school, but adults need to take actions. Governments can encourage such action by putting taxes on packaging, such as plastic bags, by providing recycling services and by fining households and shops that do not attempt to recycle their waste.

With the political will, such measures could really reduce the amount of rubbish we produce. Certainly nobody wants to see our resources used up and our planet poisoned by waste.

雅思大作文Task2真题与范文赏析 3.
In the future, there will be a higher proportion of elderly people than younger people in many countries. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? 点击阅读参考范文。

The young adults’ unemployment is a troubling issue preoccupying many governments across the world.

A growing number of university graduates complain about the difficulties in job hunting. Apart from economic recession, there are some other forces that foster the consistency of young adults’ unemployment. This essay will present an overall view of these causes and feasible solutions.

The main cause of rising unemployment among university graduates is their deficiency of work experience and qualifications.

After leaving college, young jobseekers generally have little practical experience. Besides, most of the knowledge they have acquired is from text, which is not satisfactorily consistent with the general practice in the workplace.
This weakness can be fatal at a time when the market has a strong preference on skilled and experienced applicants, who are ready to fill vacancies without requiring any job training.

Secondly, young adults know little of the situation of the labour market. ……
Tackling this problem requires the commitment of both society and youngsters themselves. The government can provide employers with taxation incentives for recruiting young workers.

Low-cost courses, especially job training courses, should be made available for the young unemployed. Consultancy services can be provided free of charge, giving youngsters instruction on job-seeking and helping them make proper adjustment from university to work.

As suggested above, this is a complex problem, and lack of work experience and inappropriate attitudes toward employment are two main reasons that account for youngsters’ unemployment. However, I am convinced that the steps mentioned above would be helpful.

雅思大作文Task2真题与范文赏析 4
Traffic and housing problems in major cities would be solved by moving big companies, factories and their employees to the countryside. Do you agree or disagree? 点击阅读参考范文。

In major cities, problems with transportation and living conditions are problems most people have to face every day.
Some people hold that the principal reason for these problems lies with the big companies and factories located in the city proper. They believe that these companies, factories and even their employees should be moved to the countryside.
This is not a satisfactory solution, though.
Like anyone else, people engaged by big companies and factories do cause some traffic jams if they drive cars on their way to and from work, and some of them also have difficulty finding an ideal house to dwell in. Great as the number of such employees is, they only constitute a small proportion of the entire population, which consists of more people living in the cities and working in other sectors, such as small firms and schools. In consequence, moving those in big companies and factories to the countryside may ease the transportation and living conditions to a certain extent, but it will not lead to a radical change of the already-existing situation.
Moreover, the real cause of traffic and housing problems is that the infrastructure at the moment cannot meet the demand of the rapid development of the cities. Moving companies and employees out only brings about a temporary solution, but does not affect a long-lasting cure. Policies should be made to allow more roads, overpasses, and skyscrapers to be built so as to accommodate the increasing number of automobiles and citizens.
In conclusion, actions to implement the improvement of the current traffic and housing problems should await the participation of governments, big and small companies and factories, and people from all walks of life rather than that of a small proportion of employees.

雅思大作文Task2真题与范文赏析 5.
Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 点击阅读参考范文。

As a result of constant media attention, sports professionals in my country have become stars and celebrities, and those at the top are paid huge salaries. Just like movie stars, they live extravagant lifestyles with huge houses and cars.

Many people find their rewards unfair, especially when comparing these super salaries with those of top surgeons or research scientists, or even leading politicians who have the responsibility of governing the country.

However, sports salaries are not determined by considering the contribution to society a person makes, or the level of responsibility he or she holds. Instead, they reflect the public popularity of sport in general and the level of public support that successful stars can generate. So the notion of ‘fairness’ is not the issue.

Those who feel that sports stars’ salaries are justified might argue that the number of professionals with real talent is very few, and the money is a recognition of the skills and dedication a person needs to be successful. Competition is constant and a player is tested every time they perform in their relatively short career.

The pressure from the media is intense and there is little privacy out of the spotlight. So all of these factors may justify the huge earnings.

Personally, I think that the amount of money such sports stars make is more justified than the huge earnings of movie stars, but at the same time, it indicates that our society places more value on sport than on more essential professions and achievements.

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