BEC口试的第一阶段口语 训练课程

BEC口试的第一阶段口语 训练课程

BEC口试的第一阶段口语 训练课程


1.What qualities a great leader should have?
A good leader should bear some necessary qualities. First of all,a leader should own the ability of team building and help each individual in the team to perform their very best. In addition,a good leader should master impressive professional knowledge and skills,in order to decide the direction of team development and help the subordinates to solve practical problems. Furthermore,a good leader should respect the work and be willing to work with other team members. These qualities can make a good leader.

2.Which is one of the most inspired books you have read?
The most useful book for me is the Longman English Dictionary. Firstly, many English words have more than one meaning and always confuse me. The dictionary can help me get over by offering many detailed explanations and examples. In addition,I can also learn how to apply the new words into writing and speaking by studying the examples earnestly. Furthermore,I can learn a lot of knowledge beside new words. For example,it is very likely that a good dictionary illustrate a specific animal or plant with a picture. Thus,we get more information out of the dictionary.

3.Could you tell me the most important decision you made in your past life?
The most important decision that I have ever made is when I was 19 years old,I chose chemistry as my major in my college. It’s of great importance because it determines what I will learn and what I will do the next four years. What is more,it partly determines my future career for the rest of my life. After four years of study,I think I made a right decision,because I do like chemistry and have learned a lot of skills. I also have learned how to create an idea and implement it in my study and scientific research,which is an important ability during my lifetime.

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BEC口语课程是针对英语非母语人员进行国际商务活动的需要而设计的。本课程适合参加或准备参加 BEC中高级考试的人员做考前培训使用,也可供大专院校,在职人员提高英语口语水平自学者使用。选择录制视频课程和1对1直播授课。通过一个月的课程培训,能够帮助BEC考生提高读、写、听、说英语交际,应用能力。读者在学习英语中遇到某些问题,可以与盛老师取得联系,微信Fastbooking 。老师1对1答疑解惑,线上辅导属于收费课程。如果学员愿意付费课程,请点击此处阅读支付详情。

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