BEC口试的第三阶段口语 训练课程

BEC口试的第三阶段口语 训练课程


例如:Shall we get down to our business?
I think so. / You are right. /That’s quite true. /Definitely. /I have the same view. /I share your concern. /That’s a good point. / No doubt about it.
E.在讨论中表达不同意时所用的句型:That’s true but…. Yes I know but…. I understand but…. I don’t think that I agree with you. I don’t think so. I can’t agree with you. I have some difficulty with your view.

SAMPLE:Attending Trade Fairs

Your company has been invited to take part in a trade fair,which will take place during the busiest time of the year. You have been asked to decide whether staff should be sent to this trade fair. Discuss and decide together:
What are the advantages and disadvantages of attending trade fairs?
Which members of staff would most usefully represent a company at a trade fair?

Model Answer 1:
A:You know our company has been invited to this year’s Guangzhou Trade
Fair in July. But July is our busiest time. So we have to decide whether to send our staff to attend this fair. What’s your opinion?
B:I think we should send our staff because….
A:I agree with you. From my point of view,we should…because….
B:Which members of staff will you choose to represent our company to attend the fair?
A:My ideal members of staff are … You know…
B:I think that is the exact reason why we should …
A:I am very happy that we hold the same idea.
B:So let’s make this decision.
A:Ok. I’ll let our boss know our decision this afternoon.


1.Governance and the Financial Crisis

Regulators struggling to fix the world’s troubled financial institutions may take heart from the experience of China’s large state-owned banks. China’s state banks have managed to keep it amid a global financial crisis that has their European and US counterparts reeling. The bad-loan ratio has been reduced,and this year China’s state banks expect solid profits and continued rapid growth.

Discusses the need for balance within an effective governance model and the ways the financial-services industry will change in China in the wake of the global economic crisis.

A:Why have the State-owned banks put so much effort into thinking about corporate governance?

B:We share the vision of the Basel Committee that good governance is essential not only for the stability of the banking industry but also for the economy as a whole. Effective governance is the means of building and maintaining the qualities that are at the foundation of all commerce:confidence and public trust.
It’s disheartening to see how many financial institutions lost sight of these basic truths. I find it ironic that some of the financial institutions that have struggled or even collapsed in wake of the financial crisis were touted as global role models before the crisis struck. We recognize that corporate governance is an important tool for maximizing shareholder value,and that’s why we put so much effort into thinking about it.

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BEC口语课程是针对英语非母语人员进行国际商务活动的需要而设计的。本课程适合参加或准备参加 BEC中高级考试的人员做考前培训使用,也可供大专院校,在职人员提高英语口语水平自学者使用。选择录制视频课程和1对1直播授课。通过一个月的课程培训,能够帮助BEC考生提高读、写、听、说英语交际,应用能力。读者在学习英语中遇到某些问题,可以与盛老师取得联系,微信Fastbooking 。老师1对1答疑解惑,线上辅导属于收费课程。如果学员愿意付费课程,请点击此处阅读支付详情。

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