Receiving a New Patient 接收新病人Emergency 急诊

Receiving a New Patient 接收新病人

Receiving a New Patient 接收新病人

(1)Receiving a New Patient 接收新病人
Nurse: Hello,Mr. Lee. Welcome to Ward 10. Before the doctor sees you,let me make a quick assessment. I need to get your weight and height. You are limping. Are you able to stand up for a while?
护士: 你好,李先生。欢迎来到10号病房,让我为你做一个快速评
Patient: Yes. Should not be a problem.
病人: 可以,应该没问题。
Nurse: All right. Height 1.55m,weight 56kg. Very good,Mr. Lee. You may sit on the bed.Let me check your pulse and breathing. So,what happened to you?
护士: 好,身高1.55米,体重56公斤。很好,李先生,你可以坐在床上。让我为你测一下脉搏和呼吸,那么,你感觉怎么不舒服?
Patient: I felt uncomfortable after dinner and fainted in the toilet. I fell and that’s how I injured my right knee.
病人: 我晚饭后感觉不舒服晕倒在厕所。我觉得因此伤了右膝。
Nurse: Oh yes,you were limping just now. Don’t worry,we will give you a thorough checkup here. How old are you,Mr. Lee?
护士: 是的,刚才你走路蹒跚。不用担心,在这儿我们将为你进行全面检查。李先生,你多大年纪?
Patient: I am seventy one this year.
病人: 我71岁。
Nurse: Really? You look younger than your age. How do you make it?
护士: 真的吗?你看起来很年轻,怎么保持的?
Patient: Nothing special. Just plain common sense. Eat well and sleep well. Also,an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
病人: 没有什么特别的,只是普通简单的道理。吃得好睡得好。也就是一天一个苹果让医生走开。
Nurse: Ah,good,so you take fruits. How many hours do you sleep a day?
护士: 哈,好,你经常吃水果。你每天睡几个小时?
Patient: I usually sleep early. By 9:30p.m.,I will be in bed. And I feel very fresh when I wake up at 6:00a.m. in the morning. I don’t need afternoon naps.
病人: 我总是睡得很早,一般晚上9:30上床,当我早上6点醒来时,感觉精神饱满。我不需要午后小睡。
Nurse: Have you ever fainted before?
护士: 你以前曾晕倒过吗?
Patient: This is the frst time. I am always healthy.
病人: 这是第一次,我一直很健康。
Nurse: You can keep your eyeglasses in the drawer beside your bed. Do you have dentures?
护士: 你可以把眼镜放在床边抽屉里,你有义齿吗?
Patient: No,these are my natural teeth. But some have dropped out over the years.
病人: 不,这些是我自己的牙。但是有些已经掉了好几年了。
Nurse: Very well,Mr. Lee. Our ward doctor will see you soon.
护士: 很好,李先生,我们病区的医生一会儿将来看你。

2. Emergency 急诊

2. Emergency急诊

Nurse: What seems to be the problem?
护士: 您哪里不舒服?
Patient: Nurse,I have a sharp pain in my upper abdomen.
病人: 护士,我上腹部忽然疼痛。
Nurse: When did it begin?
护士: 什么时候开始的?
Patient: About three hours ago.
病人: 约3小时前。
Nurse: Have you ever had any pains like this before?
护士: 您以前这样痛过吗?
Patient: No,never.
病人: 不,从来没有过。
Nurse: Show me the pain location.
护士: 指给我哪痛。
Patient: Here.
病人: 这儿。
Nurse: What kind of pain it is? Intermittent or persistent?
护士: 是怎样的痛?是间歇的还是持续的?
Patient: It’s a kind of sharp. It was off and on,but now it hurts all the time.
病人: 是剧痛。本来是一阵一阵的,可是现在持续痛。
Nurse: Do you feel nausea?
护士: 你觉得恶心吗?
Patient: I feel vomiting.
病人: 我想吐。
Nurse: let’s take a white blood count and a blood analysis test,a kind of test for acute pancreatitis.
护士: 让我们做个白细胞计数和淀粉酶试验,这是一种专为查急性胰腺炎的试验。
Patient: OK,thank you.
病人: 好吧,谢谢。

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