Course Sample 旅游英语课程示范

旅游英语课程示范 – 问路

Asking the wayUseful sentences

I’m lost. I’ve got lost.
Can you help me? I’m lost.
I’m confused. Where are we now?
I can’t find my way to the railway station.
I was wondering if you could help me. I’ve got lost o my way to the hotel.
Excuse me, may I ask where I am now?
Would you kindly tell me the way to the station?
Will you tell me the best way to Town Hall?
How can I get to the town center?
Is this the right way to downtown?
What street do I turn on?
How far is it from here?
Situational dialogues
Dialogue 1
Owen : Excuse me. Could you tell me how I can get to the Sunshine hotel?
Stranger : Well, first take this street until the second stoplight. Then take a left on east street. You will see a post office on your right. The hotel is behind it.
Owen: OK. Turn left at the second stoplight, it is behind the post office. Am I right?
Stranger : yes, that’s right.
Owen : thank you very much.
Stranger : My pleasure.
Dialogue 2
Wendy : I need a little help. Could you tell me how to get to the palace museum?
Stranger : Sure, are you going by bus?
Wendy : Yes,
Stranger: well, first go down to the railway station.
Wendy : I see.
Stranger : Then, take the No. 188 bus to the national palace museum.
Wendy : How far is that?
Stranger : Just three stops down.
Wendy : How long? I beg your pardon?
Stranger : Three stops
Wendy : I see. That’s three stops.
Stranger : You need to be at the very front of the bus.
Wendy : OK.
Dialogue 3
Hal : Excuse me.
Stranger : Yes?
Hal : I was wondering if you could help me.
Stranger : Of course.
Hal : I want to go to the zoo, but I’ve lost my way. Could you tell me how I can get there?
Stranger : OK. It’s not far away from here. Do you want to go there by bus or on foot?
Hal : ON foot.
Stranger : OK. Walk along the road and turn left at the first crossing. And walk straight about ten minutes, you will find the zoo on your left.
Hal  I see. Thank you so much.
Stranger : You’re welcome.
Dialogue 4
Ian: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to Qianmen?
Stranger : That is a long way from here. You will have to take a bus to Dongzhimen first. Then change to the subway.
Ian: The subway? Which number should I take to get there?
Stranger : You should take No. 2 subway.
Ian : Which bus should I take first?
Stranger : No. 915. It will take you right to Dongzhimen, the terminal. When you get off, you’ll see the subway station.
Ian : Thank you very much.
Stranger : My pleasure.
Dialogue 5
Pat : Where are we now?
Val: I don’t know. We’re completely lost.
Pat : Oh, here comes a police officer. Let’s ask him.
Val : OK, Excuse me, May I ask where we are now?
Stranger : Yes, you’re right in the middle of the fifth avenue vegetable market. Where would you like to go?
Val : We are going to the bookstore.
Stranger : OK, Let me see. Go straight down this street.
Val : And then?
Stranger : Take the second right.
Val : OK.
Stranger : Keep going straight to the third traffic light.
Val : The third one?
Stranger : Right, when you get to the traffic light turn right. It’s on the right hand side.
Val : OK, Thank you.


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